Grand Prix of endurance and knowledge

You have the potential to digitalize the flow of materials? Then let’s build something! Experience 96 intensive hours of prototyping live on location in the R8 factory. Develop and test ideas, hacks and prototypes with Audi Logistics.

Following its successful start in 2016, the Kreathon of logistics is entering a new phase

How does the Kreathon of logistics work?

We invite you to our exclusive R8 factory! There, you will get to know our processes and develop new technical approaches for material flow concepts. This event we will organize in cooperation with the logistics Audi Sport, Neckarsulm, Ingolstadt and Györ.


What happens in those 96 hours?


We will guide you through our production and logistics section. Following a team-building exercise you can work on your ideas and potential in the team can be expoited in the work phases. Between the work phases, you will be able to discuss your creative ideas with the other teams and with experts in TechTalks. The goal is to develop an operational and perceptible prototype, which you will present to members of the Audi Management as well as experts in an exhibition presentation at the end of the 96 hours. Work hard, play hard: Additionally, we will organize an attractive accompanying program that will enable you to network and clear your heads.

When and where is the Kreathon of logistics held?


The Kreathon of logistics will be held from June 8-11, 2018, at the R8 factory in Neckarsulm. We’ll arrange all your meals and accommodation for you. You will find the schedule of the event here soon.


How do you become a participant of the Kreathon of logistics?


You can apply until May 11, 2018. After that, we will inform you by May 14, 2018, if your application was successful. You will then receive your invitation by mail. Please refer to our Conditions of Participation.

Apply now! Conditions of participation